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Business Owners

As a business owner, it can be tempting and even validating to invest more and more money back into your business. You’re an entrepreneur and oftentimes, risk is what you feel most comfortable with. But when it comes to your financial plan, having a backstop against that risk can be the key to your success. Let our team help you strengthen your balance sheet by creating a strategy that allows you to continue to grow your business while also securing your future.

Professionals Approaching Retirement

Entering retirement can have so many emotional and relational implications, let alone financial. With all the different accounts and options you have in front of you, it can be enough to overwhelm anyone. Let our team help you understand your options, architect and execute a plan that pulls all the pieces together, and help you step confidently into this new chapter of your life.


Between billable hours, managing client relationships, and potentially even running your own firm, how are you expected to give your financial planning the attention its due? We understand operating in a client service business, as an owner or a practitioner. Let our team help create, implement and manage a systematic financial plan that puts your back on track and give you clarity and security so that you can get back to work.


Your work is demanding and valuable, but the nuances of your financial plan require attention and detail. Between managing your benefits, student loans, cash flow, and investment assets, how can you be sure you’re not missing something? Let our team help you pull all the pieces of the puzzle together to orchestrate a financial plan that is unique not only to your profession, but also your dreams and goals.

Avetrani Financial

Percy J Avetrani
Financial Advisor

Avetrani Financial


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